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Ilot Mangénie at Le Touessrok

So exquisite, so desirable ...

Imagine your whereabouts in an exclusive island where you can encounter an evocation of wandering Robinson Crusoe or still get a hint of what life looked like for Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn on their secret hideout island. At Le Touessrok, you already have your own private setting, in one of the world's truly great resorts. And just 10 minutes away by boat-sling, unique Ile aux Cerfs spreads out to offer a unique rendez-vous off the Trou d'Eau Douce lagoon. But now discover Ilot Mangénie, exquisite and desirable islet that brings a spirit of Xanadu to all those who wish to live their dreams...

The truly romantic will love this deserted island, an exclusive retreat for Le Touessrok guests. While taking the boat-ferry to Mangénie, some may think of having caught a glimpse of Captain Jack Sparrow leading the way to his secret treasure island. And when you speak about riches, Mangénie clearly stands out as a jewel in the crown of Le Touessrok. The soft murmur of the Indian Ocean waves on the white sand beaches recall the beauty of the pearl: so exquisite and yet hidden. And the greenery of the islet is like an impressionist view of Eden.

Please drop in and be a guest for the exclusive staff of Ilot Mangénie who is an essential part of the vista. They have been here for so many years and their tales of evening picnics or beach brunches carry the essence of an unprecedented vibrancy. The Touessrok cool and elegant experience, at Ilot Mangénie, is imbued by the cultural warmth of tropical Mauritius.

The Mangénie restaurant is cut to the islet's standing: an ideal and private rendez-vous open for lunch. Here, you will be presented with wonderful fresh fish options, a salad bar and pizza oven and traditional, simply cooked Mauritian dishes - from palm hearts to delicious curries. Good old Friday can be very inventive to pamper you in this exceptional setting.

On Sundays, Ilot Mangénie turns out a lavish brunch of spit-roasted lamb and chicken, Asian stir-fries, lagoon seafood and a dangerously tempting dessert counter. Sparkling wine is complimentary during this magical brunch that no other resort in the world can boast of offering to its guests. It is truly an experience of a lifetime!

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