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Le Touessrok Givenchy Spa

Swedish Massage
The classical European massage, applying long strokes and kneading to the superficial layers of muscles. It aims to relax, to improve circulation, to ease muscle aches and tension, and to improve suppleness.

Slimming Massage
Using Givenchy Body Shaping Massage Cream, this massage tackles fat accumulations, enhances the suppleness of the connective tissue, and restructures the supportive tissue. It also stimulates venous microcirculation.

Sports Massage
A vigorous massage using various friction and stretching techniques. It applies mainly to aching muscles and to muscle problems encountered in the course of a particular athletic activity.

Relaxing Massage
A soothing massage which focuses on general relaxation of the body, using Givenchy Relaxing Massage Cream.

Four Hands Massage
A massage composed and executed like a veritable concerto. Four hands move harmoniously and rhythmically across the body. All the muscles relax simultaneously and the spirit is set free, floating on the subtle emanations of ylang-ylang, a fragrant flower with multiple properties, which has blossomed in Mauritius for two hundred years.



Foot Reflexology
Thumb and finger pressure is applied to reflex pressure points on the feet, that correspond to other specific parts of the body.

Reflexology improves circulation and the functioning of the body areas linked to such reflex zones.

Lymphatic Drainage
This light massage provokes cellular regeneration throughout the body, especially in areas with a concentration of the lymph nodes. It boosts lymph flow and helps to eliminate toxins while acting favourably against cellulite, various oedemas and the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Aromatherapy Massage
with Essential Oils

The ancient art of aromatherapy brings about emotional as well as physical well-being through the healing, beauty-enhancing and soothing properties of essential oils. The specific benefits of this type of massage depend on the careful selection of such oils under the guidance of your therapist.


Lomi Lomi Massage
Inspired by the traditional Hawaiian massage created in the temples by the village chiefs, this massage provides a loosening of the muscles, in-depth relaxation, and harmonization of bodily functions: blood circulation and breathing… In Hawaii, it is called the 'Loving touch”: a connection between the heart, the hands and the spirit. This treatment, rethought by Givenchy to achieve greater effectiveness, uses an oil composed especially for it.

Canyon Love Stone Therapy
The smooth, pure and warm surface of the stones glides effortlessly on the body, creating a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The object of this massage is to balance energies, detoxify tissues, and with the use of cold pebbles in alternation, relieve muscular tension. The combination of these beneficial stones, gathered from the rivers in the American West, with draining oil especially formulated by Givenchy, makes for an extremely effective massage.

Sports Massages for Golfers
The pre-event massage consists of deep compressions, frictions and trigger-point pressure to warm up specific muscles, promote prevention of injuries and improve the flexibility before a round of golf. The post-event massage will help the golfer's body to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated during the round.

In-room massages are also available on request.