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Le Touessrok Givenchy Spa

No Surgetics Face
This new treatment is inspired by advanced medical techniques used in plastic surgery, with a view to fighting effectively the emergence and settling in of wrinkles. The combined use of the 3 products of the No Surgetics line leads to a noticeable fading of fine wrinkles and a buoying-up and relaxing of the features under the effect of collagen.


Lymphatic Facial
This treatment's objective is to detoxify tissues and to equalize circulation of the lymphatic system. By balancing the circulation of the lymphatic system via elimination of toxins diluted in the blood, this treatment allows a rapid regeneration of the whole body

.No Surgetics Plasti Sculpt
This treatment aims to reduce the loss of elasticity, tone and density of underlying tissues. In conjunction with a specific massage, No Surgetics Plasti Sculpt will help to firm up, tone and develop the facial muscles and to reduce the deposits of fatty cells which change the contours of the face.


Preparatory Treatment:

Deep-Cleansing Facial
This deep-cleansing facial is suitable for all types of skin. The Givenchy Swisscare products used cleanse the face in depth by gentle exfoliation, removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. A gentle, steam-assisted massage completes the extraction process. Finally, a Swisscare mask suitable for your type of skin is applied to nourish it. The treatment aims to oxygenate and revitalize the skin by stimulating microcirculation.

Relaxing Facial
The skin-reviving treatment starts with cleansing, followed by misting and then a gentle massage of the face, neck and shoulders with Swisscare Massage Cream. A deeply moisturising mask is finally applied, leaving the features relaxed and the skin soft, supple and rehydrated.

Power Youth - Face Revitalizer
This skin-energizing treatment, specifically designed to combat the first signs of ageing beginning at the age of 25, is highly recommended. It reinvigorates the skin, acting as an energy recharger and revitalizer, leaving the complexion looking fresh and luminous. The skin's original vitality is restored and its tone and resistance are improved, with lasting results.