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  Le Touessrok Mauritius Hotel  

Le Touessrok

Every aspect of Le Touessrok beams with glamour; it is one of the most festive, mesmerising and poetic places ever where one can be totally carefree. The various shades that paint its history represent a mixture of boldness, festivity, tenderness and emotions. For 30 years now, this sanctuary of tropical luxury has been the number one choice of all those who love life and its little pleasures.

Its uniqueness comes from the blend of three elements that are typical of the Mauritian culture: splendid islands and heavenly beaches, a passion for excellence and above all its admirable population to whom I wish to pay tribute for its natural and spontaneous warmth and friendliness.

I would also like to thank all the clients and guests who have contributed towards the creation of this free landscape garden and I invite you to discover the emotions, personalities and elements that have inspired us in the following pages.

Long live Le Touessrok!

Jörg Roterberg
General Manager

Snapshots of a haven of life and love

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Le Touessrok Hotel Mauritius Le Touessrok Hotel Mauritius
Le Touessrok Hotel Mauritius Le Touessrok Hotel Mauritius

At Le Touessrok, the guest is king!

At Le Touessrok, best loved hotel of Mauritius, the 30th anniversary celebrations have shown that among all treasures of the hotel, guests remain the most precious asset. Up to now, they have really been at the centre of all celebrations and the tantalising Grand Finale will be a burst of emotions and sharing of friendship.

Guests have been wonderful these last days. They have been partying, dancing, cooking, playing and even entertaining the hotel staff at times! All team members are so happy to be part of a hotel that can boast of hosting such dynamic and loyal guests. That is Le Touessrok!

Le Touessrok Hotel Mauritius Le Touessrok Hotel Mauritius

Between history and memories

Le Touessrok has long built its reputation on the memories it has instilled in guests, so much that they often come back to the high spirited hotel of Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in November 2008, it is without surprise that Le Touessrok will be partying to the tunes of long loving and lasting memories and of surprises with these ‘repeater’ guests who are engaged in a long love story with the Sun Resorts flagship.

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday,” says Pearl Buck. The celebration of this legendary hotel needs some recollection of memories that have instilled a unique atmosphere to Le Touessrok. The exclusive almost home-style hotel of the beginning – with celebrities like legendary singer Jacques Brel and guests who were starting to discover paradise-island Mauritius – gave way to Le Touessrok in 1978.
Touessrok – literally meaning ‘everything is rock’ in French – was seen as a dream hotel offering the possibility to its lucky guests of enjoying the private islands of Ilot Mangénie and Ile aux Cerfs. Between beach relaxation and sceneries really out of this world, Touessrok also marvelled guests with a choice of delicate and traditional seafood which quickly made its reputation.

“To celebrate 30 years of memories, of commitment and of passion, the hotel team has carefully planned a week of events and will give utmost importance to what makes the hotel so special,” explains Joerg Roterberg, General Manager of Le Touessrok.


Le Touessrok hosts Moreno Cedroni, one of Italy’s finest chefs

Le Touessrok is hosting Chef Moreno Cedroni as a Guest of Honour for its 30th Anniversary. The two-starred Michelin Chef is one of the most influential and best known Italian chefs and is regarded as a pioneer and leader within the industry. During his stay at Le Touessrok, he will be meeting fellow chefs of Le Touessrok and will delight guests with a wonderful evening at Barlen’s Restaurant, the thatched and laid-back beach restaurant of Le Touessrok.

Moreno Cedroni was born in Ancona, Italy in 1964. He was first known for his restaurant Madonnina del Pescatore which he opened in 1984 in Senigallia, on the Adriatic coast in the Marche region. There, with his wife Mariella, he started delighting guests to extraordinary culinary treats – something he has never stopped doing since. At Madonnina del Pescatore, cooking is centred on fish and mix fantasy within the skill of using perfect traditional raw materials. In 1996, Moreno Cedroni won his first Michelin star and in November 2006 was awarded the second one.


Exclusif Touessrok: an exclusive treatment to celebrate Le Touessrok’s 30th anniversary

Givenchy launches ‘Exclusif Touessrok’, a treatment which will be available at the Givenchy Spa of Le Touessrok, in November 2008 for the 30th anniversary of the hotel.

This exclusive treatment is made of Mauritian natural beauty care products. The two hour treatment begins with a choice of local essential oils: ginger, vanilla, hibiscus or frangipani followed by a 30-minute body scrub using either fine marine salt or raw brown sugar mixed with coconut oil. The skin undergoes a full detox and is totally purified before a hydrating bath that provides a full healing, beauty enhancing and soothing experience.
‘Exclusif Touessrok’ ends with the 60-minutes Givenchy Relaxing Massage with heated almond oil and perfumed with the chosen essential oil. The benefits of this very relaxing treatment are fully enjoyed when the guest is offered a refreshing hibiscus flavoured infusion to end the ‘Exclusif Touessrok’ blissful experience.

‘Exclusif Touessrok’ is now part of the expert treatments and care of the exclusive Givenchy Spa at Le Touessrok. The Spa, opened in 2002, is the epitome of contemporary refined luxury at its best and suits the hotel’s overall tropical chic atmosphere.