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    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius


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    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius


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    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius


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    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius


    ACCOMMODATION 10% discount until 31st October 2014

    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius

Relax & indulge yourself

Givenchy Spa- luxury in Mauritius

Here, your well-being is our goal

The Givenchy Spa at Le Touessrok hotel is one of the most exclusive spas in Mauritius. The Givenchy Spa reflects Givenchy’s famously elegant and understated style. The experience is unique - an exclusive opportunity to unwind and discover physical and mental harmony in a luxurious tropical island setting.
Treatment rituals are blissfully effective and promote relaxation and well-being with techniques created by Givenchy. The spa uses Swisscare products by Group LVMH Laboratories which have been developed specifically for Givenchy.

’Beauty is no longer a ploy used in the art of seduction, it is the very essence of charm, sophistication and elegance; it is synonymous with simplicity and subtlety.’

Hubert de Givenchy, founder of Givenchy.

Relax & indulge yourself

Facial treatments at Givenchy Spa Mauritius

The Givenchy Spa Mauritius will tailor your facial treatment to match your skin type, all in the luxury setting of Le Touessrok resort.

Relax & indulge yourself

No Surgetics, the newest Givenchy Spa treatment

This new treatment is inspired by advanced medical techniques used in plastic surgery, with a view to fighting effectively the emergence and settling in of wrinkles. The combined use of 3 products of the Givenchy No Surgetics range can lead to a noticeable fading of fine wrinkles and a plumping and relaxing of the features under the effect of collagen. In keeping with its age-defying skincare philosophy, inspired by cosmetic medicine techniques, GIVENCHY offers a new targeted treatment program that acts on the strategic signs associated with skin aging: lack of smoothness, wrinkle, fine lines, dullness, lack of clarity and lack of evenness.

Lymphatic Facial

This treatment’s objective is to detoxify tissues and to equalize circulation of the lymphatic system is prized by the clients of this Mauritian spa..
By balancing the circulation of the lymphatic system via elimination of toxins diluted in the blood, this treatment allows a rapid regeneration of the whole body.

Relaxing Facial

The skin-reviving treatment starts with cleansing, followed by misting and then a gentle massage of the face, neck and shoulders with Swisscare Massage Cream.
A deep moisturising mask is finally applied, leaving the features relaxed and the skin soft, supple and rehydrated.

Power Youth - Face Revitalizer

This skin-energizing treatment, specifically designed to combat the first signs of ageing from the age of 25, is highly recommended. It reinvigorates the skin, acting as an energy recharger and revitalizer, leaving the complexion looking fresh and luminous. The skin’s original vitality is restored and its tone and resistance are improved, with lasting results.
The treatments available at the Givenchy Spa Mauritius were designed with every skin type in mind, you will be sure to find the perfect treatment for you at the Spa.

Other treatments at your Spa in Mauritius

No Surgetics Plasti Sculpt

This treatment aims to reduce the loss of elasticity, tone and density of underlying tissues. In conjunction with a specific massage, No Surgetics Plasti Sculpt will help to firm up, tone and develop the facial muscles and to reduce the deposits of fatty cells which change the contours of the face.

Preparatory Treatment: Deep-Cleansing Facial

This deep-cleansing facial is suitable for all types of skin. The Givenchy Swisscare products used cleanse the face in depth by gentle exfoliation, removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. A gentle, steam-assisted massage completes the extraction process. Finally, a Swisscare mask suitable for your skin type is applied to nourish it. The treatment aims to oxygenate and revitalize the skin by stimulating microcirculation.

Body Treatments

The treatments available at the Givenchy Spa Mauritius will benefit your whole body, as with a facial they purify, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

The Exclusive Givenchy, your essential luxury body treatment…

Relax & indulge yourself

Your exclusive luxury body treatment in Mauritius

Body Scrub

A body-exfoliating session using Swisscare for Givenchy Exfoliating Cream, applied by hand massage and with soft natural bristle brushes, this treatment improves circulation and moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and regenerated


This complete body-care formula combines three essential treatments:
1. Body scrub to exfoliate and oxygenate.
2. Bathing with specific Givenchy oils to reconstitute the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.
3. Hydrating Wrap - The body is covered with Swisscare Moisturising Bath Cream, providing a spectacular rehydration of the epidermis, while lying on a water-bed which massages your body with multiple water jets, thus relaxing your muscles and loosening tension. A classic treatment from the Mauritian spa at Le Touessrok hotel.

Bath treatments at your exclusive Mauritius Spa

Hydrating Body Wrap

Lying on a water-bed, the body is coated with Swisscare Moisturising Bath Cream for Givenchy, wrapped, then massaged by multiple water jets. This treatment aims to relax the muscles and eliminate tension.

Hydrotherapy Massages

The bathtub has 180 powerful water jet nozzles aimed at specific points all over the body. Bath with specific Givenchy oils to build up the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.

No Complex Body Treatment

A great first from Givenchy Spa, and unmissable for your stay in Mauritius, this treatment uses four different products to slim down the buttocks, the thighs, the abdomen and the waist, and to tone up the neckline and the breasts.

The objective is to firm up the skin tissues, stimulate the fibres that support the skin, drain retained water and leave you feeling free and self-confident. After this treatment you will be ready to spend your holiday on the beach!

Pressure therapy

A logical follow-up to lymphatic drainage and circulation enhancing massages, pressure therapy, inflatable pads. This Givenchy Spa treatment helps to improve lymph and blood circulation.
The effect of the treatment is enhanced by Givenchy Swisscare Leg Shaper, which causes a cooling sensation leading to constriction of the blood vessels.

Massages at your Spa Hotel in Mauritius

Massage is one of the most ancient therapies, one that is practiced to this day for and with pleasure.
At Givenchy Spa you will find many different massage techniques, each with specific benefits.

Le Touessrok resort offers an in-room massage service available on demand.

Relax & indulge yourself

Massage in Mauritius: relaxation

Four Hands Massage

A massage composed and executed like a veritable concerto. Four hands move harmoniously and rhythmically across the body. All the muscles relax simultaneously and the spirit is set free, floating on the subtle emanations of ylang-ylang, a fragrant flower with multiple properties, which has blossomed in Mauritius for two hundred years.
One of the most popular treatments at the Givenchy Spa, this Mauritian massage is sure to leave you in a state of profound relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage with Essential Oils

The ancient art of aromatherapy brings about emotional as well as physical well-being through the healing, beauty-enhancing and soothing properties of essential oils. The specific benefits of this type of massage depend on the careful selection of such oils under the guidance of your Givenchy Spa therapist.
This massage is a favourite with Touessrok guests.

Massage in Mauritius: serenity

Swedish Massage

Very different from Mauritian massage, this classic European massage, applying long strokes and kneading to the superficial layers of muscles. It aims to relax, to improve circulation, to ease muscle aches and tension, and to improve suppleness.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Inspired by the traditional Hawaiian massage created in the temples by village chiefs, and adored by massage fanatics in Mauritius, this massage provides a loosening of the muscles, deep relaxation, and harmonization of bodily functions: blood circulation and breathing… In Hawaii, it is called the ’Loving touch”: a connection between the heart, the hands and the spirit. This treatment, rethought by Givenchy to achieve greater effectiveness, uses an oil composed especially for it.

Massage in Mauritius: health

Slimming Massage

Using Givenchy Body Shaping Massage Cream, this massage tackles fat accumulations, enhances the suppleness of the connective tissue, and restructures the supportive tissue. It also stimulates venous microcirculation.

Lymphatic Drainage

This light massage provokes cellular regeneration throughout the body, especially in areas with a concentration of lymph nodes. It boosts lymph flow and helps to eliminate toxins while acting favourably against cellulite, various oedemas and the feeling of heaviness in the legs. This massage is especially popular with guests Le Touessrok hotel guests. After a long flight to Mauritius, what better way to relax into your holiday?

Foot Reflexology

Thumb and finger pressure is applied to reflex pressure points on the feet that correspond to other specific parts of the body. Reflexology improves circulation and the functioning of the body areas linked to such reflex zones.

Massage in Mauritius: well-being

Canyon Love Stone Therapy

The smooth, pure and warm surface of the stones glides effortlessly on the body, creating a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The object of this massage is to balance energies, detoxify tissues, and with the use of cold pebbles in alternation, relieve muscular tension. The combination of these beneficial stones, gathered from rivers in the American West, with draining oil especially formulated by Givenchy, makes for an extremely effective massage.

Relaxing Massage

A soothing massage which focuses on general relaxation of the body, using Givenchy Relaxing Massage Cream. Perfect after a long plane journey to Mauritius, this massage will help you relax into your holiday.

Massage in Mauritius: Sports massage

Sports Massage

A vigorous massage using various friction and stretching techniques. It applies mainly to aching muscles and to muscle problems encountered in the course of a particular athletic activity. This massage is perfect for those who have made the most of the sports facilities at Le Touessrok resort.

Sports Massage for Golfers

The pre-event massage consists of deep compressions, frictions and trigger-point pressure to warm up specific muscles, promote prevention of injuries and improve flexibility before a round of golf on the Le Touessrok Golf Course. The post-event massage will help the golfer’s body to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated during the round.

Body wraps

The herbs and seaweeds used in Givenchy Spa body wraps help the body to eliminate toxins through metabolic stimulation.

Hydrating treatments are applied to soften skin.

Relax & indulge yourself

Herbal wrap

This aromatic herbal treatment consists in wrapping the body in towels which have been soaked in a solution of natural herbs selected by Givenchy for their unique relaxing, soothing, regenerating, stimulating and astringent effects.
This treatment at Givenchy Spa Mauritius is completed by a toning massage with a special dry oil which imparts a feeling of relaxation, renewed energy and well-being.

Algae wrap

The body is partially or entirely, as the case may be, covered with finely crushed imported seaweeds or sea mineral mud and is then wrapped in a heat insulating film.
This treatment helps the muscles to relax, contributes to the eliminating of body toxins through perspiration and remineralises the body.

Le Touessrok Beauty Salon

The Kérastase Hair Salon proposes expert hair care treatments, manicures and pedicures.

Relax & indulge yourself

Beauty by Le Touessrok

Qualified personnel provide the highest standards of hair aesthetics to ladies and gentlemen who wish to be pampered by expert hands. Experiment with a new style or simply let yourself be pampered by our excellent salon personnel at Le Touessrok resort.
The treatments, performed exclusively with Kérastase products, include conditioning, haircutting, blow-drying and styling. A manicure and pedicure service is also available at the Givenchy Spa Mauritius.

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