Body wraps

Herbal wrap

This aromatic herbal treatment consists in wrapping the body in towels which have been soaked in a solution of natural herbs selected by Givenchy for their unique relaxing, soothing, regenerating, stimulating and astringent effects.

This treatment at Givenchy Spa Mauritius is completed by a toning massage with a special dry oil which imparts a feeling of relaxation, renewed energy and well-being.

Tailored treatments Tailored treatments
Sublime natural beauty Sublime natural beauty

Body wraps

Algae wrap

The body is partially or entirely, as the case may be, covered with finely crushed imported seaweeds or sea mineral mud and is then wrapped in a heat insulating film.

This treatment helps the muscles to relax, contributes to the eliminating of body toxins through perspiration and remineralises the body.

Natural benefits Natural benefits
Remineralisation Remineralisation

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